ioP2P is a VSV spin off and a


Digitalize the word of mouth and build your community

Reward your new customers and your loyal ones and watch your community (and your sales) grow.

And decide later how much you want to pay for it. Not a joke!

Do you have an amazing product that your customers LOVE?

ioP2P makes it super easy for your customers to spread the word!

A happy customer is talking to a friend and your product may come up. In most cases a recommendation will take the form of "name dropping" but nothing more.

Did you know that 83% of happy customers would refer but only 29% actually do?

#1: the talk

We make the action of sharing super easy!

All the happy customer needs to do is to navigate to your page, click on the ioP2P icon and share it using the usual options. 

The "share" button works on any page of your online store

#2: the share

As long as the friend clicks on the link once all purchases he/she makes will get an immediate discount at check out (you decide how much) and your referrer will collect a reward (you decide how much).

hint: we recommend the rewards to be the same for both so everyone is equally happy.

#3: the rewards

Is your community made of happy customers, employees, friends&family, resellers, other...? You decide who takes part of the community and how each one is rewarded.


Because every business is different and you know what makes your community "tick" you decide who you want involved and how.

#4: the community


100% safe: totally free from advertising, no harvesting, sharing or monetising of personal data.


Simplest user experience: no passwords, no need to remember complicated codes. Just safely ID your shares with your email or phone and you are good to go. 


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