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Empowering cool brands with amazing products to thrive

ioP2P is the brainchild of João Moreira, former management consultant turned entrepreneur who has dedicated the last four years devising solutions for cool brands with amazing products to find their rightful place: awing many happy customers.

"There are so many exceptional products that never get passed the micro-niche phase. Even those who make it often become dependent on long distribution chains with multiple intermediaries and resellers gobbling their margins or quite simple  'hostage' to all powerful online market places."

João launched ioP2P in June 2019 and eventually partnered with Adrian in January 2020 who joined as co-founder and Tech Lead. Following some initial promising results with 4 pilots and 616 users we are expanding our "closed beta" solution to brands and users who want to be a part of developing a solution that will transform commerce and bring them incredible results!

Designed for cool brands with amazing products to spread their message, develop their communities and thrive, ioP2P promises to bring efficiency and collaboration to the way special brands sell their products.

The Team bringing you ioP2P

João Moreira_3 (2).jpg

Master of the concept

adrian topala BW.jpg

Master of the technology

With 35+ years work experience between them, the two founders have extensive experience in "all things business" and "all things tech".


With a proven track record in "getting things done", Adrian and João have set their eyes in solving two of the most elusive problems in commerce: enable brands to grow with great margins and to bring back meaningfulness and joy to the shopping experience.

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