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A flexible private pricing mechanism for your customers to ensure you 'never miss a sale'!

ioP2P is an add on to your online store that allows you to give your customers 'special conditions' for each individual purchase according to your customers' preferences: immediate discounts, credits in future purchases, cashback and even donations to charity.

All automatic, strictly coupon free!

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Private Pricing

Let your customers tell you how much they would like to pay for a product and INSTANTLY present them with an AI powered counter offer (discount, credits and/or cashback) optimised to maximise conversion rates.


Create online games whereby customers spread the word about your brand. When your target visits and sales are reached all participants will get a 'reward' (immediate discounts, credits in future purchases, cashback and/or donations to charity) in line with how much they have contributed to the goals of the game.

Birthday Games
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Giving back

Give meaning to your customer's shopping: add a 'donate now' next to your products and let your customers choose a charity where a % of their purchases will be donated to.


Maximise the value of your pop ups and showrooms: let your customers take pictures of the products they are seeing and re-direct them to your online store with 'special conditions' (immediate discounts, credits in future purchases, cashback and/or donations to charity) applicable automatically to them only.

Great for 'try in store and buy online' when you have limited stock in your physical locations.

Window Shopping

All the while collect valuable insights about your customers!

A successful business is driven by the right questions. We help finding the answers.

Pricing models

What is the best pricing for my products?

conversion rates

How many more sales would I get with 10% off?

personalised Benefits

Will my customers prefer cashback or immediate discounts?

Customer lifetime value

What is the best I can offer this customer to encourage him/her to buy again?

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1. we can contact you about updates on the ioP2P solution.

2. we will never sell, share or use your data for any purpose other than (you guessed it!) updates on the ioP2P solution.

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