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Higher conversion rate, higher AOV and returns & refunds from the brand's community virtually 0 *


* based on 6 months data on our beta pilots. Results refer to online orders from community via ioP2P vs. online orders from other sources.

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch shortly.

Our beta pilots use ioP2P as:

  1. Loyalty program / referral system

  2. Affiliate scheme

  3. Omnichannel enabler

  4. Private pricing tool

  5. Short term campaigns offering cash back

  6. Set up fundraising events with other brands

  7. All of the above! (really)

Try our ioP2P beta version 3 months for free. Decide later how much to reward us for it.

It is not a joke! Our mission is to empower cool brands with amazing products to thrive. Every brand is different, every brand is on a different stage, every brand has a different operating margin.

With ioP2P you decide how much you want to share with your community and we are part of it too.

How does it work? We get 10% of whatever you decided to share with the rest of the community. For example, in an order created with ioP2P you decided to give 5% to the buyer and 5% to the influencer? We keep 10% of the 10% you shared with the rest of the community. That is 1% for us in this case.

It's that simple!

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