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"Spread the word" FAQ

Note: this FAQ is designed for brands who want to get a better understanding of the ioP2P solution

Is this for real?

The ioP2P (innovation on Peer-2-Peer) solution is for real. The Maray brand too. But this page and the are demos that we created to showcase ioP2P based on Maray's real life example. 

How do my customers know how many orders I have generated with my shares?

Your customers will receive periodically an email containing the summary of the orders from your referrals as well as the credit you have accrued. If they want to know that info beforehand they can email the store and you can send the current balance by email.

Can I block people from getting the rewards?

Absolutely! Our application is designed for you to manage your community as you see fit. You may want to block wannabe fraudsters or people who do not share your values.


Can I reward different people differently?

Yes! It's all part of your "community management". For example, you may want to differentiate "loyal customers" from "ambassadors" or encourage your employees to actively promote your brand by creating a rewards scheme for them. You decide!

Can I make special rewards for specific products?

No. Please note we have designed ioP2P to encourage your community to engage and spread the word, not for you to "dump" old products or slow moving ones. If you need to do that (we all have to at some point...) we suggest you create a sale or some special promo. But do not trick your community into doing that for you.

What if the purchases using a shared link are returned?

We have designed a clawback mechanism that keeps the rewards value aligned with how much was actually paid by your customers. If the order is refunded (fully or partially) the rewards given will be taken back and aligned with what was actually paid.

I know a customer has made a purchase but the referrer has not received the credit yet. Why?

While the new customer receives an immediate automatic discount at checkout the rewards take a little longer to come through. This is because the new customer may return and/or get a refund for some reason and the rewards are based on the actual amount of the purchases after refunds. There are also some fraudulent characters around and we need to make sure the rewards are given to real people with real passion for the brand.

Does the purchase need to be done in the first session the link has been followed for the rewards to be given?

No. As long as the new customer has followed the link once he will get his immediate discount (and the referrer his/her rewards) as long as the same browser and same device is used. Remember: ioP2P is not an affiliate scheme where you hire celebrities to endorse your products and pay them a commission if they generate sales in the next few days. ioP2P is for people who really care for your brand and are in it for the long term, not to help you out meeting your quarterly targets.

What if my friend does not make a purchase after following the link?

Don't worry! As long as she has followed the link at least once we will know she is coming from you and both of you will get your rewards. Even if she makes her purchase 3 months later. The only thing you have to remember is that she must do it on the same device and using the same browser she used when following the link.

Can the credits be used at physical stores or markets?

Typically the credits are to be used exclusively at the online store. But depending on the sophistication of your ERP and systems integration you may be able to offer other alternatives.

Can my customers exchange their credits for cash?

At this moment all the credits accrued have to be used as discounts in future purchases on your online store. We are looking into adding other alternatives such as donations to a favourite charity and possibly even trading for cash but these are not available for the moment.