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#DARETOWEARTEST sample terms and conditions

These sample terms and conditions are designed for brands to understand the implications for their customers about running the ioP2P solution on their online stroes

As a brand using the ioP2P solution in your online store you have full flexibility to decide what rewards you give to your customers and when. You will need a sign up page though and because the referrer's name and email address will be in ioP2P's servers you will have to include an extension to your privacy policy.

the ioP2P solution belongs to and is managed by VSV Sales, a EU based privately held company, that is subject to EU's GDPR.

The extension to your online store privacy policy will look like this:

C. Privacy policy

  1. When you join the #maraydaretowear program you authorize us to contact you in relation to the program (for example to send you the credits you have accrued). You may also receive emails from us informing about product launches and special promos. Rest assured that in no circumstances we will use or share your contacts for anything else other than what is strictly necessary with regards to the program.

  2. The #maraydaretowear program uses the ioP2P solution managed by VSV Sales, Ltd, a EU based 3rd party, on behalf of Maray. VSV Sales is bound by the same privacy policy as Maray as well as all the EU legal requirements on data privacy.

  3. ioP2P will not collect any private information regarding your purchases nor the purchases of your friends and, consequently, you can be certain that we will not sell or pass on any personal data to anyone. 

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